Note that the SURF framework has continued to evolve considerably since these initial lesson plans were developed. Make sure you also check out Games and Activities and Challenging Tasks, as I am continually updating these pages with new teaching ideas.

Below is a depository of lesson plans I have used when introducing SURF to Grade 1 and 2 students. Please feel free to use and modify as you see fit. The lesson plans are presented in a sequence, however when they were actually delivered, I spent additional time (i.e., extra lessons) on some topics as necessary. Consequently, the 48 lessons may well be adequte for one year of SURF in a composite Grade 1 and 2 class (assuming 2 SURF lessons per week across a 40 week year).

Lesson plans 1 to 11 include the topics: introducing the SURF framework, plus sign (reading), count on (strategies), turnarounds (understanding), equals sign (reading), rainbow facts (fast facts), numbers 11 to 99 (reading), doubles (fast facts), near doubles (strategies), more than one way (understanding), review.

Lesson plans 12 to 28 include the topics: subitising (fast facts), change the order (understanding), bridging through ten (strategies), count on (strategies), count back (strategies), count up (strategies), addition undoes subtraction (understanding), friendly numbers (fast facts). The PDF also contains an interview template, fast fact sheets, and associated rubric to assess students on their mental computation skills across the first 16 lessons (see pages 12 to 22 of the PDF).

Lesson plans 29 to 48 include the topics: change the order (understanding), more than one way (understanding), greater than and less than (reading), friendly numbers (fast facts), super rainbow facts (fast facts), number splitting (strategies), hop on (strategies), hop back (strategies), hop up (strategies), worded problems (reading).

Consolidating lessons include the topics: count on, count back, count up, numbers 11 to 99 (reading), rainbow facts (fast facts). These lessons are slightly modified versions of a few of the 48 lessons which were revisited in order to consolidate concepts for students who required some consolidation.