The document below provides a Scope and Sequence for teaching with the SURF framework. It outlines over 40 teaching points supporting the SURF framework covering the first 5 years of schooling (Foundation/ Prep/ Kindergarten to Grade 4). The sequence in which the teaching points have been placed within a given goal is a suggested order of introduction.

Note that many of these teaching points have somewhat idiosyncratic names. Different texts will describe similar strategies, ideas and number facts in different ways, using different language. My view is that as long as the language is consistent across a particular school, this variability is not an issue. In fact, I believe that a mandate to 'personalise' the language within a school environment encourages teachers to reflect on, internalise, reconstruct and 'own' these constructs in a manner which is not possible if they are simply regurgitating from a text book. Consequently, do not feel that the above document below is an attempt to prescribe either the contents or the sequencing of SURF. Feel free to adapt it to make it work for you, your students and your broader school community.