My research interests are varied, however projects I am involved with tend to have at least one of three focuses:

  • To make mathematics more enjoyable to teach and learn;

  • To explore the connections between research and practice;

  • To undertake experimental-research in actual classroom settings.

Below is a list of my recent peer-reviewed journal publications, with links to the corresponding articles.

Journal Articles

Russo, J.A. (2019) The impact of a short test-wiseness intervention on standardised numeracy assessment scores: A cautionary tale about using NAPLAN growth data to evaluate primary schools, Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research, 21(2), 1-17.

Russo, J. A., & Russo, T. (2019). Teacher Interest-Led Inquiry: Unlocking Teacher Passion to Enhance Student Learning Experiences in Primary Mathematics. International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, 14(3), 701-717.

Russo, J. (2019). Walking the line between order and chaos: a teacher-researcher's reflection on teaching mathematics with challenging tasks in primary classrooms. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 27(3), 14-24.

Russo, J., & Hopkins, S. (2019). Teachers’ Perceptions of Students When Observing Lessons Involving Challenging Tasks. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 17(4), 759-779. 

Russo, J., & Hopkins, S. (2019). Teaching primary mathematics with challenging tasks: How should lessons be structured? The Journal of Educational Research, 112(1), 98-109. 

Russo, J. (2018). Peer tutoring in the elementary classroom: Putting (a) theory into practice. McGill Journal of Education, 53(3), 612-619.

Russo, J., & Hopkins, S. (2017). How does lesson structure shape teacher perceptions of teaching with challenging tasks? . Mathematics Teacher Education and Development, 19(1), 30-46. 

Russo, J., & Hopkins, S. (2017). Student reflections on learning with challenging tasks:‘I think the worksheets were just for practice, and the challenges were for maths’. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 29(3), 283-311.